Cabaret Derrida

The sole premiere of metamedium The Field of Nothing in Estonia
September 4, 10pm, Tartu Athena Center

Different creative views, stimuli targeted at different senses: sounds, visual texts, presentations, voices, etc. are conjoined into a grand form, thereby attaining an unforgettable impact which they can barely ever accomplish independently.

Abandoning the customary environment of clubs and art galleries, and conquering the Stage, Cabaret Derrida brings before the public the otherwise distant peaks of newer and experimental art. The entertaining form of variety theater synthesizes into an aesthetic whole the apparently incommensurable and far-flung extremes of innovative culture, creating a novel and unexpected context.

Cabaret Derrida is an updated version of the dadaists’ Cabaret Voltaire. References to deconstruction and the relocation of old values is not a mere publicity stunt. The renewed cabaret embodies the life-long process which at a random and unrepeatable moment provides a common ground for different artists and musicians who are sufficiently open to operating outside the classical forms of culture.


;paratwins Maria and Mari-Liis Kriisa, the Latvian twins Agnese and Madara Rutkēviča, sound poets Luulur and Jakapi, classical musicians Leonora and Indrek Palu, drummers Chungin & Kindel. There will be a presentation of the world’s first synthesizer that creates generative music based on electrochemical reactions, of Indrek Spungin’s solo album and an exhibition kit of contemporary art by Indrek Grigor. Meisterjaan Twin will make a special appearance and DJ Celer Tambre will play music in alphabetical order.

Cabaret Derrida is curated by Kiwa.

Cabaret Derrida


kiwa by T. Volkmann


A short biography

Kiwa is a multiple-output meta-artist (digital media, performance, installation art, text, sound, other), and one of the more prominent pioneers of Estonian experimental arts since the 1990s. He has performed and displayed his works in more than four hundred exhibitions, including the Moderna Museet, (Malmö, Sweden), Tate Modern (London, UK), Stedelijk (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), the Kitchen (NYC, US), and is a curator and a publisher of experimental texts. His art functions as an intertextual examination of the different layers of cultural codes and socio-symbolic meaning-making.